Casa Vicens + Casa Batlló


We invite you to discover the greatest exponent of Catalan Art Nouveau, Antoni Gaudí, by taking an upclose, intimate look at two of his most paradigmatic buildings. Starting from Casa Vicens, Gaudí's first major commission built at the time that Art Nouveau begins to emerge in Barcelona, we explore the architect's early work and familiarise ourselves with the central features of his architecture, which he will further develop over the years. On the example of Casa Batlló, undoubtedly one of the most ingenious buildings of Catalan Art Nouveau, we analyse the history and typology of a representative bourgeois townhouse in Barcelona´s Modernista district L'Eixample. In the course of this surprising journey through Gaudí's work, you will not only gain a comprehensive insight into the world of ideas and forms of the brilliant architect, but also into the historical and socio-cultural context of a city in transition at the turn of the century.



Interior visit Casa Vicens | Summer house. Antoni Gaudí. 1885

Interior visit Casa Batlló | Multi-family residential building. Emilio Sala Cortés. 1877 | Antoni Gaudí. 1906



Duration: Half-day Tour 3.5 - 4.0 hours

Transport: By foot

Services: Experienced architect as a guide, reservations

Languages: German, Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Dutch

Group size: Max 10 participants