Company history

GA Barcelona was founded in 1994 in Barcelona by the Swiss architect Hans Geilinger. As a spin-off of the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich (Switzerland), where Geilinger had previously worked as a design assistant, he initially organised architectural tours for students of other European universities.


After this successful initial phase, the business soon expanded providing professional services for experts in the fields of architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, policy and planning. It became clear that there was a pressing need for dynamic, well-organized architectural tours in Barcelona and very soon professionals from around the world became customers.


Thus, a new profession ultimately emerged, one which had not existed previously in the field of architecture: The Architecture Guide: Fundamentally different from tourist guides, we are professional architects who work and live in the city and our local as well as general knowledge of the discipline helps us to establish an enriching dialogue with our customers.


With Thomas Krüger – who had started offering architectural tours in Berlin a few years earlier – the Berlin/Barcelona collaboration soon evolved into a global organisation. Today, Guiding Architects offers architectural tours in over 40 cities.


The GA Barcelona branch is run by the Spanish company Arquitectura Urbana Barcelona SL. At present a broad team of architects with different professional backgrounds collaborate with or are partners of the company. Our team covers the entire field of architecture: we conduct lectures and seminars, compose scientific papers, organise exhibitions and a wide variety of architectural tours.


We provide our customers with excellent consultation, organization, and high-quality presentations on architecture in Barcelona. With us, you will experience and get an understanding of the architecture and urbanism of Barcelona from a first-hand perspective. We are proud to be the most-experienced and longest-established company in this field in Barcelona.


Since 1994, our staff has included (in chronological order):


Mónica Cruz Guáqueta, Cristina Domínguez Morales, Stefanie Herr, Josep Ferrando Bramona, Lorenzo Kárász, Ana Fernández, Patricia Tamayo, Ulrich Kölle, Markus Lauber, Beat Marugg, Boris Strzelczyk, Nana Wenger, Mireya Heredero, Sandy Brunner, Hans Geilinger