Client feedback

"Stefanie did an excellent job of presenting complex issues in a clear and very interesting way. We were delighted with the tour."


H. W., Washington University | Missouri, USA | Premium Half-day Tour | September 2019



"The guided tour with Lorenzo was a real highlight of our trip to Barcelona. He brought the city’s rich architectural history to life with his detailed professional knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing his passion for the city. I was particularly impressed by the way in which he engaged our two children, aged 10 and 12, and encouraged them to consider the history and development of the city through a new lens. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I highly recommend the tour."


N. and R. C. | Ireland | Mini Tour Barcino | July 2019



"Lorenzo was very inspiring especially understanding the role of design in Barcelona and how it influences almost everything in the city. The students enjoyed his lessons."


H. M., Vanguard Ed | Kenya | Mini Tour Diagonal - 22@ | October 2018



"Our University visited Barcelona with 30 students in Urban Planning. After explaining the purpose of the excursion Lorenzo did a suggestion of a tour and introductory lecture to start the week with. The lecture was a brilliant introduction to Barcelona for our students and helped them a lot in understanding the city and the places we visited during the week. The tour itself was the highlight of the excursion. The places we visited and topics discussed matched the level of our students very well. Urban interventions in historic city centre, creating public spaces to meet, the use of cultural heritage, gentrification, creating green spaces in or on top of heavy infrastructures were topics addressed during the tour. Lorenzo did a great job in activating the students and is a great story teller. The headsets for the group is a big recommendation. All students were engaged and could look around while listening. Big thanks and great value for money! Looking forward to our next visit or guided tours in other cities."


G. L. & L. J., NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences | Netherlands | Lecture + One-Day Tour | October 2018



"Great tours for any kind of visitor or even locals. Lorenzo knows a lot of interesting stuff of the city and its architectonical details. I did a los of visits with him and our clients and even with family and children. Always a pleasure!"


A. G., Marset Lighting | Spain | Recurring tours with corporate clients or colleagues



"We had two wonderful days. Very inspiring for my daughter who wants to study architecture and very insightful. We all learned lots of history background and not even to mention the visual stimulation of a beautiful city. Definitely recommended and we hope to be back."


A. D. | Qatar | Multi-Day Tour | February 2018



"The bottom line is that Monica was great. Her love/ knowledge of history as well as architecture really came through and brought the subject to life. The portfolio she carried with her is very helpful in terms the visualization of her descriptions of the urban planning thrusts underlying the architecture. We also found Monica very personable and generally helpful with some questions that had nothing to do with the tour (how to book a car to get us to the airport given the transit slowdown on Monday)."


H. S. | Canada | Mini Tour Eixample-Modernisme | May 2017



"I am not just likely to recommend: I have actually recommended already. The tour was very informative and well balanced, and the guide very knowledgeable and pleasant. I am also looking forward to returning to Barcelona and doing other GA tours there, and I will make sure I look up GA tours in other destinations I visit."


E. L. | Brazil | Mini Tour | December 2016



"Thank you very much for the excellent experience of having you as our guide! There were many nice comments afterwards regarding both the projects selected, the pacing, narration, general logistics and the very handsome guide :)"


E. N., Architecture firm | Norway | Multi-Day Tour | October 2016



"Preparing the tour: The communication with Lorenzo was prompt and smooth, both email and phone call. During the tour: Lorenzo was extremely well prepared, and welcomed all kind of questions from the Seoul delegation. He adapted the tour to their wishes, spending more time in some locations. Not counting his own time, Lorenzo continued the tour after the agreed time (we started late because of delay on our side), and the group very much appreciated his flexibility. Lorenzo shared his extensive knowledge of this district in a very friendly way, making architectural aspects accessible to the audience. Many thanks for the professionalism! Conclusion: strongly recommended!"


J. C., Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA) | France | Premium Half-Day Tour | July 2016



"After having stated our wishes we left the complete organisation and all decisions about projects and visits to Lorenzo. That is the way to do it, I recommend it strongly. Everything was organized perfectly, and we saw a lot of interesting projects, while always getting the political and urbanistic perspective as well. We had a great time. It was very rewarding both in architectural content and in regard to having fun as a group."


S. R., Landscape architecture firm | Germany | Premium Multi-Day Tour | April 2016



"Thank you for a perfect tour through Barcelona's new development zone 22@. It was one of our best guided tours in our study time! We would never get all the necessary interesting infomations without Lorenzo. We had so much fun. Thank you so much."


N. L., FH Augsburg | Germany | Half-Day Tour Diagonal | June 2015



"Although we had undertaken many excursions to Barcelona in previous years, Lorenzo was able to make the tour something special with new and unexpected highlights. In addition to his subject knowledge, he was able to impress the group with an extensive general knowledge of the city and region. His uncomplicated way of doing the tour opened many doors. We will definitely include Barcelona in our future excursions!"


U. S., Sto SE & Co. KGaA | Germany | Premium Multi-Day Tour | April 2015



"We would like to thank you. Ana was a wonderful and fascinating guide. The conference, particularly interesting, fascinated the participants. It was fundamental to begin by the conference before going off to explore impressive architectural realizations. All our group thanks Ana and you. We lived, thanks to you, an experience of a rare wealth. We are used to visiting european cities. Never a visit was so enriching. We wish you a lot of success. We shall not miss to speak about your initiative to other groups."


J. B., Rotary Genève | Switzerland | Lecture + Tour | June 2015



"It was great! We had four wonderful days in Barcelona. Lorenzo Kárász, Hans Geilinger, Steffi Herr and Patricia Tamayo made our jubilee trip to Barcelona to an unforgettable event for the whole big group! All tours were extremely informative, exciting and many-sided. The pre-tour communication was very qualified, constructive, efficient and obliging. Thanks a lot and go on like this!"


I. S., Architecture and engineering firm | Switzerland | Premium Multi-Day Tour | September 2014



"Everything was perfect. Lorenzo has a great and detailed knowledge, and due to his good connections, we gained insight views, which we would normally not get. Great!"


B. E., Consultancy | Germany | Premium Tour Interior Design | May 2014



"The well-organized architectural tours and lectures of GA Barcelona stood out with a high level of expertise in providing important background information on Barcelona's architectural and urban planning issues. Thanks to the informative and entertaining presentation by Prof. Hans Geilinger and his team the concepts and strategies of contemporary architecture became clear and understandable. My two professional trips to Barcelona evolved into a dialogue between cities, cultures and people, making them an unforgettable experience."


R. L., Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing Berlin | Germany | Multi-Day Tour | October 2013



"The tour which I was allowed to participate in was perfectly organized. The guides conveyed a vivid and up-to-date picture of Barcelona in a professional, exciting and diversified way. I would not hesitate to participate in a guided tour again."


P. G., Office for Urban Development Zurich | Switzerland | Premium Multi-Day Tour | May 2013



"We have been working together with GA Barcelona for 15 years – clearly a story of success."


Prof. M. M., Zurich University of Applied Sciences | Switzerland | October 2013