Programming your itinerary

Our tours and lectures can be booked individually or in combination, as part of a program ranging from one to several days. We kindly ask you to provide us with some basic information, such as your professional background and main areas of interest, your arrival and departure date, group size, preferred means of transport, and hotel location (in case you already made an reservation), so we can get the best idea of what will suit your group.


Unless otherwise stated, our predefined tours generally take half a day. For individual travelers and small groups of up to six participants, we offer reduced Mini Tours of our Ready-to-Book Tours. Following a set program, these tours can’t be modified and do not include any additional services.


Timetables & tour durations

  • Mini Tour 2.0 - 2.5h, starts at 09:30 am or 3:00 pm
  • Half-day Tour 3.5 - 4.0h, starts at 9:30 am or 3:00 pm
  • Full-day or Multiple Day Tour: flexible
  • Lunch approx. 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Dinner from 8:30 pm

All tours include coffee break.


Languages & group sizes

  • Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French, Italian, Dutch
  • Max. 25 participants/guide
  • Mini Tour max. 6 participants



For groups of over 25 people, we use a mobile, wireless transmission system.



The following means of transport are available for your architecture tour or any additional activity:

  • Bus transport (including airport transfer)
  • Bicycle
  • Boat trip with a sailing catamaran or motor boat
  • Helicopter flight


Food and drink

Barcelona has something for everyone's tastes. We will help you in choosing and booking the right bars and restaurants.



We will of course give you advice and support when looking to book accommodation that suits your requirements. We can also make bookings for you where needed.


Cultural events

Barcelona offers a diverse program of cultural activities. We will gladly provide information on events taking place during your stay and can also reserve tickets or organize museum visits.


Event locations

Should you require a special room for an internal event during your stay in Barcelona, we can assist you in finding a suitable location. We can also take care of any necessary formality.


Other services

If any of your wishes are not on the list, please get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you to find a suitable solution for your request.


We kindly ask you to let us know of your requirements as early as possible as the type of service available is usually dependent on booking availability.


Please note that we are not a travel agent and can therefore only offer services on site. The service offer is only available to GA Barcelona customers when booking an architecture tour or similar product.