About us

We have been offering professional architecture and urban planning tours in Barcelona and its surrounding areas for over 20 years and have, since then, introduced thousands of customers from numerous countries and working backgrounds to the city. Based in Barcelona, we are directly involved in the shaping of the city, have excellent connections to the architectural scene and provide you with a detailed and subject-specific insight into the local development of our vibrant metropolis' architecture and urbanism, both from a current and historical perspective.


As co-founder of the Guiding Architects Network, we promote and share our knowledge with our colleagues in over 40 cities around the world.



The current GA Barcelona team is made up of:


Lorenzo Kárász | Director and partner

Born 1981 in Vienna/Austria. Studied Architecture at the Technische Universität Wien and Barcelona School of Architecture UPC-ETSAB. Lives in Barcelona since 2009 where he works as an architect and architectural photographer. In addition to GA Barcelona collaboration with several architecture offices in Spain and Austria, amongst others Jorge Perea Arquitectos and Liebman Villavecchia Arquitectos.





Prof. Hans Geilinger | Senior Partner

Born 1961 in Winterthur/Switzerland. Lives and works in Barcelona since 1994, running his own architectural practice. Prof. Dipl. Architect FH SWB REGA. Until 2011 Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Applied Sciences Zurich HSZ-T. Visiting Professor at La Salle Barcelona in 2007. Founder of GA Barcelona and founding member of the international network Guiding Architects.





Ana Fernández | Partner

Studied Architecture at the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires. Over the years, she has gained extensive international experience in Argentina, France, Holland, England and Spain. Between 1992 and 2000 she worked as lead architect at KAW architecten en adviseurs in Groningen, Netherlands. Subsequently, she created the first international KAW branch in Barcelona. Since 2018 the office continues its activities under the name archi_collective.




Josep Ferrando Bramona | Partner

Has been combining design, construction and academic activities. Professor since 1998, teaches at ETSAB, La Salle Barcelona, University of Illinois at Chicago, among others. Guest Professor at University of Applied Sciences Zurich HSZ-T, Escola da Cidade São Paulo, Universidade Positivo Curitiba and Universidade Federal do Paraná. His work has been exhibited in several countries including the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Portugal.




Patricia Tamayo | Collaborator

Born in Barcelona/Spain. Studied Architecture at La Salle School of Architecture ETSALS, Barcelona, holding both master and postgraduate degrees. Since 2003 she has worked in various offices in Barcelona and the Netherlands, whilst also pursuing independent projects as an architect, researcher, lecturer and curator. In 2007, following a series of commissions and prizes, she established her own practice in Barcelona. Assistant professor at La Salle Barcelona.




Stefanie Herr | Collaborator

Born 1974 in Frankfurt am Main/Germany. Studied Architecture at the Technische Universität Berlin and Barcelona School of Architecture UPC-ETSAB. Lives in Barcelona since 2002 where she worked as an architect at Alfredo Arribas Arquitectos Asociados and Capella García Arquitectura. Since 2007 freelance artist with regular exhibitions both at home and abroad.





Mónica Cruz Guáqueta | Collaborator

Studied architecture at the University of Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. She has been living in Barcelona since 2002, where she received her master’s degree in History of Architecture, focusing on the changes in domestic architecture during the transition of the 19th to the 20th century in Barcelona and Europe. In charge of the Cátedra Gaudí Archive (UPC) for 12 years, she had been leading the documentary project for the organization of the collection, which gave her great knowledge about Gaudí’s architecture.



Bruno Sève | Collaborator

Architect, urban planner and artist, he sees in the design a tool that goes beyond the forms and functions, has an ethical, social and ecological commitment. After collaborating for more than six years as an expert in urban planning and project manager within the BAU company for Joan Busquets on projects in France, he opens his own practice in Barcelona. Currently, he also works as a professor at the Barcelona School of Architecture UPC-ETSAB.